Reduce The 75% Attendance Bar In Colleges To 50%

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Confucius once said “The people can be forced to obey, but they cannot be forced to learn”. Learning is something that cannot be forced on anyone. Education should inspire creativity and inquisitiveness. The methods are unique to everyone as we humans are diverse with different personalities and have different ways of learning. I myself am a “self-study” loving guy and can study the theory part of any of my subjects without any major help from anyone. I’m all for 100% attendance in experiment classes or LAB classes. Still, I would love to join classes if the teacher is engaging and knows what he is talking about. The 75% attendance rule completely takes teacher out of the equation. You have to attend the class doesn’t matter if the teacher is making any effort or not, doesn’t matter if the teacher is engaging or not, doesn’t matter if you’re getting anything out of it or not. This rule tells you that even though you’re in college and have to face the world after 4 years, even though you’re adult enough to vote and choose the “Head of the State”, even though adults should be encouraged to make their own choices and decisions still you aren't wise enough to decide whether you should attend a class or not. They’ll tell you that they know what is best for you. They will tell you that if this rule wasn’t in place nobody would be interested in joining the classes. These claims are based on no empirical evidence.