GREENWOODS HOMEOWNERS: A Call for a Peaceful, United and Fair Elections

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     We are the group of Officers and Board of Directors of GEVHAI as confirmed by the Decision of the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (“HLURB”) dated 11 April 2017, and this is our final appeal to you who still remains hopeful in the midst of the on-going leadership struggle in our Association.


            During the December 2015 elections, there can be no doubt as to our real intentions in running as officers of our own Areas thereby making us part of GEVHAI’s Board of Directors, and that is to be of service to our fellow homeowners. Together with several of our colleagues, including the members of the group of Mr. Diego T. Berones, we aspired to be ONE Board, ONE Team, ONE Group of Leaders, all for the benefit of GEVHAI and thousands of its homeowners.


            Unfortunately, some of us (Mr. Edward L. So and Mr. Sherwin P. Musico) were suspended indefinitely as officers of their respective Areas, and as Board of Directors of GEVHAI albeit without the benefit of due process, and in clear violation of our long-standing By-Laws that do not provide for such penalty of suspension. Therefore, any such suspension is unauthorized and without any legal basis. 


            Consequently, during a Special Board Meeting dated 15 January 2017, the majority prevailed, as is customary, after we have resolved to elect new officers of the Association through our quorum or majority representation among the Board of Directors. By 18 January 2017, we peacefully attempted to request a turnover from the outgoing officers of GEVHAI but disagreements ensued due to the other groups’ insistence to stay in their positions as officers of the Association. 


            Before we can even attempt to strike another peaceful compromise with the other group, being brothers and sisters in the same circle, and more importantly, as neighbors in the same community, we were confronted with the filing of baseless criminal cases which are still pending determination before the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor in Taytay, Rizal. We then countered with a criminal case against them which is also pending before the same office in Taytay, Rizal.


            Meantime, we brought our grievances to the proper forum—the HLURB, the exclusive government agency vested with authority to resolve disputes between Homeowners and Homeowners’ Associations. Our brothers (Mr. So and Mr. Musico) then questioned the validity of their indefinite suspension by invoking their sacrosanct right to be heard and be accorded with due process. Sadly and however good their intentions may be, they were shunned, condemned, and persecuted, if you may say the least, by their very own accusers as they continued to insist on their indefinite suspension, and worse, they even instigated a slew of acts detrimental to them to effectively silence not just Mr. So and Mr. Musico, but the rest of us as well.


            On 02 May 2017, we received what seemed to be a glimmer of hope when we obtained a favorable Decision dated 11 April 2017 from the HLURB stating, among others, that our brothers’ indefinite suspension is patently illegal since it was meted upon them without complying with the procedure laid down by Republic Act No. 9904 or The Magna Carta for Homeowners and Homeowners’ Associations, and for being rendered without the requisite quorum or majority representation among the Board of Directors who voted for their suspension. Moreover, the said Decision upheld the validity of our election as new officers on 15 January 2017.


            Despite the Decision of the HLURB, the other group remained uncompromising, instead of a graceful exit. Thus, we continued to be on the receiving end of acts detrimental to us and our constituents, including but not limited to, the imposition of penalties against the rest of us which are baseless and in violation of due process, our removal as Area officers without any valid reason, centralization of collection of monthly dues for Areas 2,5,6 and 9 to control said Areas’ operational expenses, and the illegal padlocking of the Area 5 office.


            In the midst of these animosities, we have sought the assistance of the HLURB. We requested the immediate execution of its Decision in order to restore peace and harmony in our otherwise divided community. Our ardent request is still pending determination before such honorable office.  


            Then, in recent events, we have learned that the other group has been initiating acts that are not only violative of our collective right to be informed of the affairs of the Association but which likewise sow divisiveness in our community, such as their proposed amendment of the GEVHAI By-Laws that contain questionable provisions, and the construction of the new GEVHAI office without concurrence of this majority Board of Directors, the details of which have been hidden from us and the other homeowners as we do not even know if the procurement and bidding processes of the Association were followed.


We have countered such unauthorized acts by seeking again the assistance of the HLURB through the filing of applications for the issuance of Cease and Desist Orders to effectively arrest the on-going ratification process and construction of the new GEVHAI office. These matters are also pending determination by the HLURB.


          To this day, we cannot deny that our community is divided. But despite all these, we choose to extend a call for unity and peace to the other group, for the benefit of all homeowners that we swore to serve with undivided interest and utmost loyalty. We are thus willing to subscribe to only ONE election process—an honest, free and truthful election at that. We now call upon the group of Mr. Berones to do the same and let the homeowners of this Association decide our fate as their leaders.


            There should only be ONE election, an election that is free from any insinuation of fraud and manipulation by any  vested interest, an election that is approved and supervised by the HLURB. It should be a UNITED election, an OPEN election wherein everybody is qualified to run (setting aside the present issues and leadership struggles), and wherein everybody is qualified to vote (including our allies and supporters who cannot be disqualified to vote by simply being firm believers of what we do) for the leaders who they think can best represent them. Let the voice of the homeowners decide. Let the voice of our homeowners be heard.


      We call upon each and every one of us, including Mr. Berones and his group, to set aside our differences for the benefit of our homeowners and for their right to be represented by leaders of their own choice. The interest of all homeowners should prevail. We are submitting our Certificates of Candidacy to the homeowners as a sign of our willingness to voluntarily submit to their will.


             Consequently, we appeal to you to support this cause for a united, open, honest and truthful elections and your signature and/or concurrence in whatever way possible will mean that you are supporting this campaign: ONE ELECTION FOR THE ASSOCIATION that is approved and supervised  by the HLURB, all in the spirit of fairness and transparency.

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