Support the President of HKU! We demand a campus without language violence and sedition!

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X​.​R. LI
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HKU is not a political arena. Instead, it is a UNIVERSITY that should pursue academic improvement and enlighten the unenlightened. You (especially, HKU S.U.) have the right of free speech, but it is supposed to be kept in a rational and objective stand.

What you have done to the president of HKU, to the campus and the society recently, is witnessed by all justice people who care the future of HKU and HONG KONG. If you admire and respect the spirit of humanity, equality, freedom, and democracy, stop your insulting and inflammatory words on campus and apologize formally to ZHANG Xiang, the president of HKU, for any humiliation and inappropriate treatments he does not deserve.

You Student Union cannot represent me, neither represent HKU. Here, as an HKU student, I demand a progressive, open, and, most importantly, rational campus.