High School Advanced In One Class

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With this petition, we as High School Advanced class students want to ask a favor to be in the same class. If it's possible. With this i hope you can help us to be in the same class again. We love being with each other, we feel so comfortable and happy together. We start to be like a family and we dont want to lose it, even for just one semester it will be awesome. We will really appreciate your support and help. We will appreciate every descision wheter agree or disagree we accept it with pleasure. Thank you for the cooperation, have a nice day.

We such as;

  1. Fonataba, Ian Elmer
  2. Halim, Estevania Rosaline
  3. Kansil, Christiana
  4. Rumangkang, Filadelfia
  5. Tanod, Virginia Veicy
  6. Terimsia, Aldrich Eugene
  7. Tjipto, Michelle Carolina
  8. Wijaya, Charles Jovan