Abolish the Central Banks and Allow Cryptocurrencies to Flow Freely.

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In reaction to the hyper-inflation crisis that happened in Venezuela (~2018), there was created a cryptocurrency in June, 2019 which is deflationary by design - It is called BSOV Token (short for Bitcoin Store-of-Value, or BitcoinSoV), and it is asking for the world to care about personal sovereignty - Also known as: "The freedom to rule over your self". 

The world's population should claim the right to have financial independence, and freedom from Centrally Controlled Inflationary Currencies (CCIC). The governments should not force the usage of their fiat-currencies, and they should not regulate the usage of other decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, or the BSOV Token. The financial future is decentralized and trust-less, with the help of blockchain technology that secures every transaction of all cryptocurrencies and the BSOV Token. Be a part of a future which is committed by the community and deflationary by design.

The community of BSOV token is claiming independence from the old financial system while bringing awareness towards the hidden tax central banks force on their fellow citizens through inflation. Inflation causes your purchasing power to decrease, thus equating to a tax on your savings. A tax on your savings is a tax on your labor and more importantly your time. Time is our most precious commodity, let's not waste it living in a world with an outdated and flawed financial system. Together let's unite and make change, it takes all of us. 

We are now collecting signatures from cryptocurrency enthusiasts, or from people who care about a future where they don't need to trust a government to be able to own and possess money - A future where the people aren't forced with violence or prison to use fiat-currencies for governmental taxes & fees.

Please sign this petition now, and join the deflationary BSOV Movement at Telegram and check out the website at bsov.io