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All Governments of the Planet Earth: Ban all Monsanto Seeds, Crops, and Destroy all current crops.

Until we have a clear grasp on the effect of GMO's and the Health Risks they pose, we do not want them. We the people of the World demand that extensive research be done by Independent Companies with no ties and affiliations of Monsanto. They must commit to a Research Study to test for what side effects they cause for a period of no less than ten years. We the people are not asking you to do this, we are flat out telling you to do this. We will remain committed in our Fight to protect the Health of Ourselves and that of our Family and the rest of Humanity. You have over stepped your Authority and We the People are officially putting you all on Notice. Effective immediately, Monsanto's reign is over and has come to an end.

Sincerely: Me and The People of the World.

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