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Make the International Day Of Peace a Federally Recognized Holiday in All Countries

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By (1) celebrating, (2) educating on, and (3) promoting peace we can create and spread peace.

The United Nations created the International Day of Peace in 1981 to unify humanity across all beliefs, ideologies, classes, and races. Each September 21st commemorates our shared desired for a world without needless suffering or violence. 

Currently in 2018, we have no nonsectarian global holiday; no day our human family celebrates together as one. 

We believe the world’s largest celebration every year should not be New Year’s Day, Christmas, or any religious holiday, or independence day for any nation, but instead the International Day of Peace / World Peace Day. Peace is a vision we can all agree on, regardless of our education, environment, gender, social class, sexual orientation or upbringing. 

We believe some of the antidotes to war and violence in addition to education are resilient communities (often bred out of healthy, inspiring celebration and communion). Many of our greatest teachers throughout the world have taught this wisdom - in this last centuries alone the list includes Leo Tolstoy to Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr. to Albert Einstein to Jeanette Rankin to Mother Teresa and countless more. 

Beyond being an annual commemoration of our highest ideals, The International Day of Peace / World Peace Day has the potential to be much more: It can bring about a tremendous paradigm shift in our collective awareness, a transition from 'nationalistic zero-sum' competition to 'global non-zero sum' collaboration. 

This petition calls upon every government in the world - from the local to the national - to recognize the International Day Of Peace / World Peace Day as a holiday, a day where no one works, and all humans celebrate together. In addition to this, we also believe all governments should agree that the International Day of Peace / World Peace Day is a global cease-fire day. 

To celebrate the International Day of Peace, we:

(1) Encourage citizens across the world to exchange gifts and a reconciliation conversation with someone they consider an enemy or outsider, and in doing so they mentally convert that person to a friend. 

(2) We also want to see gatherings in towns, cities, and villages across the world where people come together to celebrate the great diversity of cultures from across the world. 

(3) Finally, we ask that people display the Earth flag (created by Oskar Pernefeldt in Sweden), as the symbol of unity on Earth, and dress in blue and white festive colors to celebrate in unity. 

4) We also propose that the Earth Flag be the first flag planted on Mars, reflecting humanity’s shared aspirations for a future shared equally by all. 

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