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Petitioning All Government's Entities & BIG Corporations around OUR World

To HALT all Major events, including the POTUS Elections in the U.S.A.

You the 5% are destroying OUR World! We the 95% want you to Disarm and put a hold on any major events including the POTUS Elections coming up (that may never happen)
that are going on around OUR World!
Take the bottles out of your mouths, take off your diapers....And Grow up! This is your time out!
We are Declaring World War Web on all of you!
Our REAL Hero's are blowing the whistle all over the World are blowing the whistle....They've never done this before!!!!!! Huge RED FLAG......
You are hereby Ordered by the 95% of the REAL People to Stop all Major events .

I've got more work to do to Stop the Drama! Please Stop the DRAMA from the 5%, Sign & Share We Love you REAL People of the World!

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  • All Government's Entities & BIG Corporations around OUR World

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