Coronavirus: Allow kids to study from home to avoid a school breakout,

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All airports should have enforced a quarantine procedure as soon as word spread about this virus, but that's too late and theres no point dwelling on it, so instead of making the same mistake we should now be focusing on creating ways to stop it spreading early on before it does make it was to the Goldcoast, theres already cases in Victoria and Melbourne, don't be surprised if it makes it way to the Goldcoast. Januarys the time of year where everyone and their dog makes it way back home after a end of year holiday, parents and kids settling back into the school routine, the LAST thing we want is to groups kids up at school with the potential of some kid carrying the virus, the virus may not even be close to the Goldcoast, but I bet that's the same thing our spun out pminister told himself about it coming to Australia, dont take the risk and extend the school holiday for a couple months until we're sure, have teachers send homework via emails at the safety of their own homes. If there is a chance of fighting back the virus after contracting it, telling you now thats a fight a kid won't win.

Extend the holidays.