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Ban the sale, possession, or distribution of shark fins.

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Sharks are apex predators (top of the food chain) and have been forming the oceans for over 400 million years. They have been around since before the dinosaurs and play a critical role in the balance of life in Earth's oceans. When the apex predator is removed from the food chain, the rest of the food chain is disrupted. Healthy oceans need sharks and humans need healthy oceans, therefore humans need sharks in the oceans. 73,000,000 sharks per year are killed for their fins and they can't reproduce fast enough. Some shark species populations have declined as much as 90% due to inability to keep up with the demand. Further, shark fin soup was used for Chinese emperors and the super wealthy as a status symbol because at the time sharks were difficult to catch. This has transformed into a custom that many of the Chinese people no longer see as relevant. Research has shown that shark fins and meat has high levels of mercury and possibly other toxins. It is also tasteless and the soup the fin is found in is flavored with chicken stock.

We have less than a decade before we are in serious trouble due to the slaughter and possible extinction of our ocean's top predators. Please sign this petition!!!

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