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WA's Unfair GST Share: Enough is Enough

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To all Federal Representatives of Western Australia: Enough is Enough.


All Western Australian’s, Liberal's, National's, Labor, Green's, Independent’s, know the story. The GST distribution system is broken, we have been left behind again. We are now only receiving 34 cents for each dollar raised. There is no need to explain what is happening, we all know the story. But we all also know that the Prime Minister isn’t listening or he just doesn’t care.

So this petition is for you: WA has a population of 2.3 Million.

At 23,000 signatures or 1% of us, I will deliver this petition to your electorate offices. This will be proof that we are aware and we are annoyed.

At 230,000 signatures or 10%, I will fly to Canberra and personally deliver this petition and look you in eye and ask that you let the Prime Minster know we have had enough.

If by some chance we get to 1.15 million, half of the state, than we will have a mandate. This will be a clear message: We are outraged.


To all Western Australian’s who read this, please sign it and pass it on to friends and family, even people outside of the state who are sympathetic to our plight, so that we can send a message to Canberra, Enough is Enough


Thank You,


Harry Russell

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