Set up a STRONG federal anti-corruption watchdog now!

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Set up a STRONG federal anti-corruption watchdog now!

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Lau Guerreiro started this petition to All Federal Politicians

Federal politicians are not immune from corruption!

Decisions made by corrupt politicians can cost taxpayers billions of dollars and/or produce outcomes that enrich the few and leave the rest of us worse off. 

It’s therefore essential that Australia has a powerful federal anti-corruption organisation that champions the interests of its citizens and seeks out, exposes and punishes those involved in political corruption.

For many years experts and independent politicians have been calling for a federal anti-corruption watchdog to be set up, but both Labor and the Coalition have done everything in their power to avoid it.

However, the revelations emerging from the recent NSW ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) hearings have awoken the Australian people from their complacent slumber – more of us than ever are seeing clearly now - the seeds of a grass-roots revolt have been sewn! 

We're aware that corrupt politicians will use two tactics to prevent a strong anti-corruption watchdog from being created:

  • Firstly, they’ll ignore our demands and tell us there’s no need for it because federal politicians are “pretty clean”.

  • Secondly, if they can no longer ignore us, they’ll try to fool us by setting up a weak anti-corruption watchdog that’ll be next to useless.

But we won’t be fooled by these cynical tactics.
We won’t settle for anything less than the best anti-corruption watchdog in the world! We will set a standard that citizens around the world will want to emulate. 

We’ll be creating a better future for Australians, and for people all over the world!


It must be:

  • The best
    Operate at or exceeding world’s best practice for such organisations.
  • Free to investigate
    Proactively investigate wherever it suspects there might be corruption related to political parties, politicians, political staffers, political fundraising and management of public sector organisations. It will not have to wait for government approval before it can investigate something.
  • Adequately funded
    It’s funding must be sufficient for its needs so that the government can’t starve it to death. It should have a guaranteed minimum set as a percentage of government expenditure (e.g. 0.01%). Any surplus funds will be used to increase political transparency and accountability.  
  • Powerful
    It must “have teeth”. Its findings must lead to criminal charges.

  • Accountable to the public
    There must be some form of public oversight that reviews the performance of the anti-corruption watchdog and ensures that governments can’t staff the watchdog with compliant stooges who'll ignore corruption.

  • Indestructible 
    Important aspects of the legislation should be added to The Constitution
    so that future governments can’t weaken it without the approval of the people.


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This petition had 2,042 supporters