Stop the removal of Manga and Light Novels from Amazon

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Thank You. But this Is Not Over

I want to thank all of the people who support this petition.  I really didn't think it was gonna get much traction, maybe 100 signatures at most.  But in less than a week, we are at over 2,000.  So once again Thank You.  But don't think this fight is over.

Its come to my and many others attention that books are now also being pulled from other store fronts that are owned by Amazon, one example being Book Depository.  For those of you who don't know about it, its basically an online book store based out of the UK.  It was a big help for European fans of Manga and Light Novels.  With BD now at risk of pulling series from their store, those same fans may have to pay outrageous prices to read them, by importing from overseas.

There are rumors as to the exact reason Amazon is doing this.  It may be because of loli content (though some series removed don't have any).  If Amazon just came out and told us, this drama wouldn't be so bad, but since they have stayed silent its just speculation.  Their actions also threaten OELN (Original English Light Novels).  With the breakdown of what content isn't allowed not being present, these authors are at risk of their series never being sold before its removed from the store front.

Me and others are still working with publishers to figure out what exactly is going on.  Even fans from Japan are coming out in support of our situation, something I would never think was possible.  The least all of you could do, is keep sharing this petition.  Make our next goal 5,000 signatures.  I will post another update when that happens.  Once we break 10,000 though, I will finally take this petition and attempt to reason with someone at Amazon myself.  

Kyle Bloch
4 weeks ago