Facebook Has To Stop Protecting White Fragility

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Facebook has been problematic with what they deem hate speech. What goes against their community standards tend to lean on the side of protecting white people’s feelings rather than actually condemning and not allowing hate speech. A white man telling a black man to eat fried chicken is allowed. But a black woman being “tired of crackers” is not. Telling white people to stay in their lane violates their standards. Meanwhile, a white man can wave his confederate flag and proclaim that black people are not human. A white man can post memes of a black man being lynched and with the caption “Tyrone Thought to himself, Man Dis rope racist”. But people are banned, both black and white, for calling a white person…. White! *Gasp*. Facebook have shown time and time again of their double standards that favor white people over anyone going against a white person (even other white people). Rules are set in place for a reason and should apply to everyone the same. If Facebook knows that “being tired of crackers” translates into exhausted by interaction with white people, they should be well aware of the implications of telling a black person to eat fried chicken. If Fb truly wanted to prevent the spread of hate via their community, they would no longer protect white people, particularly white men. There have been explicit examples of hate speech spurred by white people towards black people (with use of words and images) but did not break community standards.  If I am supposed to tolerate being told to eat fried chicken, clean toilets, or pick cotton, with the horrifying history attached to each insult, white people should be able to handle being told to go away and being called white.

Facebook have to put in place a protocol that will set rules that would be implemented equally and fairly. Facebook must set guidelines that define hate speech that is currently geared towards protecting one group over many others. Facebook must have a procedure that will give employees better training in hate speech, as well as bigotry training.

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