Alternate the Men's and Women's Finals at Wimbledon

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Women's sports is reaching a cultural tipping point. Media coverage, crowds, and investment increases with each major tournament, be it in Football, Cricket, Rugby, or Hockey

Tennis has, in many ways, been at the vanguard of this gradual change, with equal prize money for the male and female champions of all four majors since 2007.

However, the men's event at Wimbledon is always scheduled for the final Sunday with the women's final being played the day before. This sends a subtle message that the men's final is the "main event". Whilst it is true that the men's final attracts bigger TV audiences it is not clear if this is the reason for the schedule, or simply the result of it.

If the scheduling were alternated so that the women's match was played on the Sunday every other year then young girls watching tennis wouldn't come away thinking their heroes were any less worthy of attention than the men.