Miracle Mile for Justice | Standing For Change

Miracle Mile for Justice | Standing For Change

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Commitment to Fair, Equal & Humane Treatment of All People, Police Accountability and Training Reform, Investment In Social Programs and Education Reform

By CABC Social Justice Ministry & Pastor Charles Johnson


The Miracle Mile for Justice Movement stands for equal justice and humane treatment for all Black people throughout our communities, cities, states and across the United States of America. All people should be treated with dignity, concern and respect. For too many Black people in this country, that is simply not true. We are committed to showing love by caring for the well-being of others and being concerned about the welfare of our neighbors.

As an elected official who represents the will of the people, we fervently request and call on you to ACT. We ask that you sign this pledge and commit to Fair, Equal & Humane Treatment of All People, Police Accountability and Training Reform, Investment In Social Programs, and Implementation of Education Reform. 

Dramatic changes are needed to address the systemic racism that permeates our public and private institutions.  It is imperative that we address police brutality now, as Black people are regularly being discriminated against, brutally attacked and killed by police across the country — and there are few or no consequences to the police officers who perpetrate these heinous crimes. 

This is both a human rights and public health crisis. Death and discrimination in the Black community must stop now.


We adamantly request the following next steps:

1. FAIR, EQUAL & HUMANE TREATMENT OF ALL PEOPLE | All people should be treated with dignity, concern and respect regardless of the color of their skin, immigration status, sexual orientation, or gender.

a) Ensure that all people’s constitutional rights, including Black people’s constitutional rights, should be consistently protected and upheld.

b) Acknowledgement of the disparity of fair and just treatment in upholding Black people’s constitutional rights through systemic racism in public government agencies, including policing practices.

c) Cease racial profiling across all public service offices including, but not limited to: Police Departments, Fire Departments, Health Facilities, DMV, Government Institutions etc.

d) Hold all public officials accountable in a timely manner for their behavior and actions that violate any person's constitutional or civil rights. 

2. POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRAINING REFORM | End police brutality towards the Black community. 

a) Police will be held to the same standards as all citizens and will not be exempt from breaking the law.

b) Create and implement systems to track offenses committed by officers including acts of intimidation, humiliation, infliction of bodily harm or death.

c) Bar violent and habitually offending officers from serving in any jurisdiction in the country. Offending officers will lose their certification, their pension, and the ability to join a police force or serve as security personnel in any other government agencies.

d) Any officer found to be a) unnecessarily violent and/or b) racist, shall be removed immediately from the police force. 

e) Police will receive extensive and frequent training on anti-racism, anti-bias training, defusing and de-escalating techniques focused on preventing situations from becoming deadly.

f) All personnel will be assessed annually and evaluated on their proclivity toward racist violence.

d) Implement protocols to prioritize and exhaust use of non-lethal and non-permanent injury practices before using lethal force.

e) Duty to Intervene - Police personnel will immediately report use of force by another officer. Offending officers will be disciplined or disbarred.

3. INVEST IN SOCIAL PROGRAMS | Reallocate select responsibilities and funding from the Los Angeles Police Department by moving tax money from certain policing practices to investing in social services that benefit our communities.

a) Restructure responsibilities within the police department by moving social and mental health services to equipped institutions that can manage 24/7 homeless outreach, minor traffic collisions, mental health services and provide a 24 hour outreach that will coordinate the services to correctly and quickly dispatch the appropriate personnel to address the situation. Social workers will be utilized to de-escalate situations instead of or in partnership with police officers.

b) Invest in critical social services that support mental health issues, including but not limited to: teachers, counselors, social workers, mental health professionals, and treatment facilities.

c) Provide a support system for all families of those killed and survivors of police violence by providing services to compensate, reintegrate and adjust to new life circumstances.

d) Architect a plan to address and compensate historical discrimination and wrongdoing towards the Black community.

4. EDUCATION REFORM | Education and health services are needed both to ensure quality of life but to also break the school to prison cycle. 

a) Provide virtual learning tools for all students to ensure an appropriate, equitable and successful educational experience for all. Create a program for low income students to receive learning equipment to be able to participate fully in classes.

b) Ensure proper funding for public schools, education for at-risk youth, continuing education for adults to decrease recidivism rates including support with high school and GED completion, reading, free trade skills training and college courses.

c) Create educational programs designed to provide an emphasis on real life skill implementation to help reduce the rates of incarceration, gang activity and substance abuse. 


Racism is wrong. Policies that actively discriminate against Black people have been built into the system and foundation of this country. We live in a time where a white teenager in Kenosha, WI murders people protesting for Black lives and is thanked for it, where Black men have “the talk” with their sons about how “to just get home safely” and every day Black children, women and men don’t know if they will make it home safely or even if they are safe in their homes. 

We must change the system and the institutions that discriminate against the Black community. Police brutality must end now. We need to focus on measures that will create equality such as funding for education, healthcare, and housing. 

As elected officials, join us in condemning racism and stand with us to implement the processes and practices needed to help the Black community thrive.

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!