All Educational settings to Deliver education Domestic Abuse.

All Educational settings to Deliver education Domestic Abuse.

3 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by carys e roberts

Female Survivor of Abuse also a survivor of being bullied when I was a child by a female adult.

I strongly believe that  if I had been taught about abuse in school,  about the signs to look for, I could have potentially avoided what I suffered.

I Would like young people to have the opportunity to learn about Domestic Abuse.

I would like the Government to Make a change Make it Mandatory > for Schools to to teach > Don’t bully, use hate speech, threaten violence > Domestic abuse.

Currently, the Government only recommends that sixth forms and 16-19 academies teach about domestic abuse -

I am calling on the government to make learning about Domestic abuse coercive control -bullying a MANDATORY teaching requirement for All schools.

As a result of the poor education offered to me. I feel strongly about this because I believe If I had learnt about the signs of Domestic Abuse Emotional-Physical Abuse back when I was in school-college, I NOW Believe I could have potentially avoided the trauma That I suffered for many years.

I strongly believe that it should be delivered educated not to turn a blind eye to any form of Abuse In Schools Collage universities > Educational Establishments  All teachers have a duty of care towards their pupils acquired skills to safeguard pupils and demonstrate reasonable careful standards while at work, to keep Everyone safe.. Educational Teachers and Teaching assistance delivering in educational settings should also be aware of the signs of Domestic Abuse-Physical-Emotional-Physical Abuse, to spot signs signals of their own pupils, I also believe that this should be a compulsory requirement in all schools. Please can you all be with me on this.

Given that 16 -19 -year-olds are of an age to get into relationships, Some say that students don’t need to cover this twice however, I would argue that it is beneficial Not harmful, to revisit this subject more than once, Especially given the fact that students will be older.


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If feel strongly about wanting your child to learn and know the signs of Abuse.

If you believe that this should be delivered in All Educational Settings..Please sign this petition..
Thank you / Ask me ambassador Welsh women’s aid > Independent Domestic abuse advocate.Thank you for taking the time to read my partition.

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Signatures: 297Next Goal: 500
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