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Put More Procedures in Place in Schools to Prevent Choking at Mealtimes!!!

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Lately I have seen more and more cases of children choking at Mealtimes in school

Whether it be on school dinners or even packed lunches provided by parents. As a child carer myself I pride myself in the way I care for children and young people and pride myself in the duty of care I provide at Mealtimes. I believe that there should be more members of staff observing Mealtimes in schools and more members of staff double and even triple checking school dinners and lunch boxes are of a safe size in order for a child to eat without choking. Please help me raise awareness and make schools and other educational organisations realise that more should be done in order to keep our children safe inside schools and other services. This can prevent accident, injuries and even death in which unfortunately is becoming more and more common each year. Please please raise awareness and help me make a change! 




Educational services could:


- Prepare food already chopped and have a member of staff allocated to just chopping food before the child leaves to sit down and eat.


- Have more members of staff on duty at meal times to observe each table. (Having at least 2 adults to 1 table) one on each end. (Employing lunch time staff allocated to just checking food, watching children put food in their mouths to make sure it's small enough) 


- Have educational days that provide each child in education the information on just how important chopping and chewing your food properly is. 


- Teach children to chop up food safely and properly as children lead by good example.


- Making sure all members of staff, even volunteers have paediatric first aid. 


- involving parents on the importance of food preparation and chopping up foods so they can get involved in teaching their little ones to always make sure they chop up food properly and chew properly and by involving parents children will be influenced by parents opinion more so if they see and hear mum/dad/guardian chopping up food and talking about the dangers of not chewing food properly they will be more aware of it..


- Involve children that are old enough in first aid activities. So that if a child near them is choking or have any other injuries or accidents a child can spot them and report it to the teacher/responsible adult in the area. 

- Even, checking packed lunches. 

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