CCTV Monitoring & not just Recording

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More than a decade ago, Infamous MMS of one of the top delhi school may have created the need of CCTV's in schools, but now time has come that schools employ dedicated person who monitors the CCTV's till the time education institutions are open for students.

The (independent) person must be employed by govt. and deputed at schools to observe CCTV's & reports the incidents to school principal & education department  only. 

With this, negligence of schools are observed much before any accidents or crime happens. It will solve following issues:

1. Students bullying each other, Sexual harassment, Inappropriate behaviour of students.

2. Teachers/ support staff misconduct

3. Ragging at colleges

4. Safety & Security Lapses 

I request the govt, education ministry, education boards to consider my petition on behalf of all parents because we wants our kids to learn and grow at education institutions rather that getting sexually exploited, mentally harassed or even die. 

Pls help