Postponing all Board Exams In 2021 in Light of The Pandemic.

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Why all board exams in 2021 in India need to be postponed.

  1. The Bangladesh education board has already announced that all kind of board level exams have been cancelled. (No HSC, equivalent exams this year, students to advance based on JSC, SSC results. ) 
    It's a matter of lack of common sense when you cant understand that millions of lives will be at stake if the exams don't postpone.
    The students, the teaching staff and the family of everyone who even came near to the exam centre, they will all have their at risk for the sake of what? An exam?
    The Exam centre?Now Sounds more like Covid Epicentre.
  2. Lack of Sources and Internet
    On what basis are the board exams being taken?
    the answer is low or zero quality education via online lectures.
    The education board needs to understand that the people who teach us in these lectures are Teachers and not professional podcasters.
    If you really want to not postpone the board exams, then first simply provide us with some professional level lectures from which we can atleast understand what is being said. We simply can't understand the foo foo language they speak in the mic. we still don't blame the teachers for this, they're trying their level best too.
    B) Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, chennai, etc are cities with a good internet connection. But what about places that don't have an internet at all? Will students be forced to give exams without being educated now? Who will be held responsible if most of us fail?
  3. Suicides:
    A) Lakhs of students didn't get good to no amount of education as their parents were in financial crisis because of the unemployment in these situations. They are still forced to sit for the exams by the peer and societal pressure, which again, leads to mental health problems.
    B) There already have been dozens of deaths because of NEET and JEE not being postponed and there will be hundreds of deaths which will make it enough for us to call it a massacre. Taking board exams in such situations can cause Serious amount of suicidal tendencies in students.
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