To ban farm loan waivers

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Election commission of India, is requested through this petition to declare freebies like laptops, loan waiver schemes by political parties, as bribe to the voters.  It creates burden on the honest tax payers and pulls back whatever little growth the country has made, in the last few years.  Usually such schemes are announced by opposition parties to gran power at any cost.   If giving a bottle to electorate is a  mal-practice, why not sycamore schemes? 


Political parties, despite knowing fully well that farm loan waivers are not long-term solutions, time and again resort to the same populist gimmicks to seek narrow partisan ends, keeping aside the country’s interest. Let the Election Commission ban these kinds of announcements? Are they not a bribe to the voters? Why can’t elections be fought and won on the development agenda? How long do we need to live with the “developing economy” tag?

If any political party wants to announce farm loan waivers, let it do so, but the same should be met through the party funds and not from the government’s tax revenues. One does not pay taxes for farm loan waivers.