Conservative Christian DVUSD Board Member Under Attack by Liberal Agenda-Help defend her!!

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I am starting this petition to defend my mom, Kim Fisher, a Board Member at DVUSD. I don't know why she feels so strongly that our school districts are so important and should be ran responsibly, but she does and so she serves them both in her career and as an elected official. She is political and is not afraid to stand for what she believes. A man on twitter has been trolling her. Every time she says anything to support the president he starts sending her liberal propaganda. Well last week she had enough. When she asked a question of someone she knows this man started sending his liberal stuff once again. When he did that she defended herself. Calling it for what it is he has been doing "trolling her" she said he was an Anti-American troll and what he was sending was Bullshit. Once she first found out he was a teacher in the district where she is a Board Member and that he has students on his Twitter. She stoped engaging with him and locked down her twitter stating that students should not be subjected to any social or political agenda. Their parents should be providing that guidance. Since that time this teacher has started a campaign to bully and harass her. They have done everything in their power to make it look like she is the bully when in fact she is the one being bullied. He has now started a petition on to further harass her and to get people to attend the Board meeting tonight to further harass her.
My mom is a Christian and has conservative values, but she has never been a bully or tried to hurt anyone. I have seen these small groups try to attack her time and time again. Generally it's every time she stands for something. She however continues to be kind to all who need her. These groups have call her a gay hater yet she has several people that she has taken in as her own and cared for who are lesbian. They know she does not believe in the lifestyle as it is contrary to her belief system, but they know she loves them anyway and they love her enough to call her mom. These groups have said she makes fun of special needs people, but she is not only an advocate for special needs people she is a mom of a special needs child. These individuals are calling her a bully and saying she bullies teachers and staff. Yet they are trying to not only trash her character, but are trying to make her lose her job with their bullying campaign. They have said she discriminates against other religions yet she has friends who are of all religions and has never treated any of them differently because of their religion. They have said she is against other cultures yet she is multicultural herself.
This is just an attack from a liberal group that is attacking her because she is a conservative and they are using her defense of herself to make it look like she attacked a teacher. Since she has been on the Board she has been the number one defender of teachers. She has fought for financial transparency and fiscal responsibility. She has sought to have accountability and having clear policies for all areas. She has defended employees who were working under difficult conditions to make things better for them. She has pushed to start a conversation about restorative justice for students to give them a path to succeed. She has also been there to support parents when they have had issues by helping them through the set processes.
Help me defend this wonderful advocate for public education who is under attack from this liberal group. Please sign this petition and let them know it is not okay to troll someone on twitter and expect that they will not defend themselves. Let them know it is not okay to start a bulling campaign just because you disagree with them. Also consider attending the meeting tonight and let them know that like Mrs. Fisher you believe it is the parents role to provide social, religious, and political guidance to their kids and teachers should not be trying to indoctrinate them to their way of thinking.