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Be AwaRE and REspect REFUGEES! | Mültecilerin Farkında Ol ve Saygı Duy!

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According to the data from the Amnesty International, there are about 19.5 million refugees in the world. The number is higher than some countries’ population. 

Now, It is time to be aware that it is not their choice!  

During and after 2nd World War, European citizens pushed to move another countries and now due to the conflicts in Middle East, millions of 'people' are being pushed to move another countries. 

With being aware of refugees and respect them are not solving this problem permanently but providing them safe place for living.

Do not forget that your location could change too. For this reason, Be aware and respect to Refugees. 

How you would do? 

-Listen them and try to understand what they need (place to stay, learn language, clothes, food etc)
- Try to provide it (get some help from NGOs which work for refugees directly. 
- Break down your own prejudices and 
- Share this campaign with your friends who has prejudices about refugees. 

Thank you in advance to sign it. 

We'aRE all Potential Refugees Project Team
Erasmus+ KA-1 YE

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