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cover the complete costs of Margaret Thatchers funeral

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Margaret Thatcher was a private citizen
Yes she was the 1st
But only as a female to become the prime minister

Margaret Thatcher was an Ex member of parliament NOT a member of the Royal Family

After Mrs Thatcher stepped down from parliament there has been an amount of time past
and in that time so much has changed our children have grown to become tax paying citizens,
several nationalities have migrated to our lands and were not subjects of her reign in office.

Those that were of voting age for the duration of time she was in power a large majority disapproved of her and her actions on many levels, which is still seen today.

For the conservative party now led by Mr Cameron she may have been their queen, but not for any other political party or those that opposed her then or now,
Nor either those that were not of voting age or those that became citizens during or after John Majors time in office.

Therefore to make the British public pay ten million pounds for a funeral of an ex party member cannot be justified,

The conservative party had to be reigned in on the elaborate send off they wanted for her,
As Mrs Thatcher was an ex member of their party it should be the conservatives in office now that pay for her funeral from their own pockets as they held her in such high regard. Not dictate to those who were not under her as a leader, and for the public who lived through her time in office and in this time of austerity the people of this country should be able to freely donate to the costs or not if they so choose to.

While the public who wish to attend the funeral will be paying out of their pockets,
Members of parliament are putting in claims for expenses to the cost of thousands which yet again will be money taken from the general public's resources

with this I therefore call on you to petition the conservative party members of parliament to pay for their queens funeral from their own income and cover their own expenses

No public money to be used to cover any costs of Mrs Thatchers funeral

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