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We ask you to consider pulling this movie, or at least screening it with a content warning.

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1 in 4 women will experience abuse at some point in their lifetime.  This abuse can range from stalking and emotional manipulation, to physical abuse and rape.  The Fifty Shades trilogy romanticises deeply troubling behaviour, making it appear as though it's something to aspire to.  Christian stalks Ana (she even refers to him as a stalker), he manipulates her, he coerces her consent through alcohol, he turns up unexpectedly when he thinks she has ended their relationship and forces her into sex after she explicitly tells him "no" (he tells her that if she struggles, he'll tie her up and gag her).  This is not accurate or safe BDSM, it's simply abuse.  On their honeymoon, Christian deliberately bruises his wife's body without her consent, because he views her to have "disobeyed" him.  Again, this isn't BDSM, it's abuse.  

Christian attempts to control every aspect of Ana's life, even after she explains to him that she doesn't want to be a 24/7 submissive.  He goes as far as to buy the company she works for so that he can control her whilst she's doing her job, ignoring Ana's displeasure at this.  He prevents her from seeing her friends, under the guise of "protecting" her.  None of this is romantic.  I and others have endured abusive relationships that mirror this vile story and we are upset and angry to see our real-life experiences transformed into a sick "fantasy."

The books also give the hugely dangerous message that the love of the right woman can "cure" an abusive man.  Not only is this untrue in the books (Christian is still abusive in book 3), but it's untrue in reality.  Many women stay in abusive relationships because they believe - often because they have been manipulated - that they can "fix" the person they love.  There is nothing romantic about the Fifty Shades trilogy.  They have offended survivors of abuse and are of deep concern to many anti abuse campaigners and charities, yet they're being milked as a cash cow and sold as an example of "love."  These movies are liable to only serve to romanticise/erotocise abuse further and therefore should be pulled, or at the very least screened with a content warning, explaining that a man displaying Christian's behaviour is, in reality, incredibly dangerous.

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