Remove Scott Banda from FCL

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A DEAL WILL NOT BE REACHED between FCL and Co-op. Scott Banda has made this very clear. Every time Unifor agrees to a concession, Banda raises the bar, he is ensuring that a deal won’t be reached. 

Scott Banda has started something that must be stopped. The entire system of core values the Co-op has prided itself on is being undermined as each passing day goes on. The current lock-out of Unifor 594’s members is just the next step in his plan. 

First all the grocery stores had to fight to keep their rights. 
Then all the gas bars had to fight to keep their rights. 
Now the workers who run his refinery are being stripped of their benefits. 
Not to mention the countless small town Co-ops that have been shut down since 2009. 

This has a snowball effect; it has started with small changes, and has now turned into a 100+ day war on the very people who keep Co-op profiting. How big will the snowball get before we stop it? What will happen next?

Unifor 594 has tried every possible angle to meet the demands of Scott Banda. But each and every time Unifor agrees to a concession...Banda raises the bar to prevent a deal from being reached. Banda has and will continue to punish the very communities that support him——as long as nobody calls him out on it. 

Let the Co-op board members that put him in this position know that you want change. Without you...they have nothing. Remember that.