Stop the Inhumane treatment of Meghan Markle. The Commonwealth to hold BRF accountable.

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Africa4MeghanMarkle started this petition to All citizens of the Commonwealth Countries

This is a request to the South African Government and by extension, all African States and the Commonwealth Countries to hold the British Royal Family accountable for the differential treatment (discrimination on the basis of Race ) of Ms Meghan Markle as a member of the Royal Family as opposed to other members of the Royal Family.

Based on the latest reports and court records, one can clearly see that the Royal family is quick to react, protect and to deny allegations leveled against other members, e.g Prince Andrew's alleged sexual encounter with a minor, Kate Middleton's "Catherine The Great" Tatler Article and the baby Botox allegations.

For over 3 years, the British Press subjected Meghan Markle to a large number of false articles which were damaging in nature. This relentless vilification continued during her pregnancy and postpartum. Ms Markle has been vilified for cradling her baby bump and  for eating avocados. She was subjected to racial undertones on various comment pieces . Her unborn son was even been compared to a Chimpanzee by a member of the British Media.

During this entire period, the British Royal Family failed to issue even a single statement to protect and/or deny any allegations against Ms Markle, notwithstanding the fact that they knew such allegations to be untrue. There are also new reports that suggests that some of the stories were leaked by staff working for the Royal Family. To date, as far as reports are concerned, no investigations have been conducted, no one has been held accountable and it seems to just be business as usual at the Royal Family.

The Commonwealth has 54 member countries, with 19 of these being African Countries. The inference one can draw from the manner in which Ms Markle was treated, is simply that Ms Markle was subjected to this inhumane treatment mainly due to her mixed heritage background and/or that she is black.

As members/citizens, it is our responsibility to expect our governments to hold the British Monarchy accountable for their failure to protect Meghan Markle, their unfair discrimination towards her in comparison to other members of the Royal family and as a result perpetuating an ongoing abuse of her fundamental human rights.

In the words of Ms Meghan Markle "....the only wrong thing to say, is to say NOTHING!"


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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