Deny the Rezoning of Meridian's Historic Neighborhoods

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                   We, the undersigned residents of Meridian, are



We are concerned about the rezoning of Meridian's Old Down Town neighborhood and want to preserve and protect low density zoning now in place.

The new Cherry Blossom Subdivision developer’s request will result in higher density than is not in keeping with many of the Key Community Values as defined by Meridian’s comprehensive plan some of which are:

     1. Manage growth to achieve high-quality development.

     2. Enhance Meridian’s quality of life for all current and future residents.

     5. Protect Meridian’s self-identity.

Furthermore, in this specific area many problems from a development of this type will ensue. 

     1. The deterioration of the 60-year history and identity of our Neighborhood.

     2. There will be an increase in noise, pollution, and a loss of habitat for the kestrels, red-tailed hawks, and occasional peregrines, as well as flickers, doves and song birds.

     3. There will be additional traffic on Cherry Lane, W. 7th, W. Washington, N. Crestmont, W 4th, N. Meridian, and Pine.

     4. This additional traffic will impact school children going from home to school and back.

     5. The impact will also have adverse effects on the consistent flow of neighbors who enjoy walks and bike rides through the existing neighborhood with their children and pets.

Whereas, we believe the City of Meridian should require neighborhood support for this residential rezoning,

Whereas, we further believe the City Council has been elected to represent the interests of its citizens and the City,

We believe the above concerns are valid and therefore respectfully request that Meridian City Council integrate our concerns into thoughtful growth and development of Meridian’s historic downtown neighborhoods.

We therefore ask the City of Meridian City Council to deny the proposed rezoning for the purpose of the development of Cherry Blossom Subdivision.