Massive Plantation in Israel for the Amazon

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For over 18 days, fires at the Amazon burn at a record level, burning 2 soccer fields per minute! The flames are so bad that NASA can see them from space. Many are warning about the devastating effects the blazes can have on the environment, and humans around the globe.

The Amazon is known as the "lungs of the world", producing 20 percent of Earth’s oxygen and is a key factor in combating climate change.
It is the main vegetation and contains the largest biodiversity in a tropical forest in the world.
This region is home to about 2.5 million insect species, tens of thousands of plants and about 2,000 birds and mammals. In Brazil alone there is an average of between 96,000 and 128,000 species of invertebrates and one square kilometer of the Amazon rainforest can contain about 90,000 metric tons of live plants.

So.. we live in Israel... a bit far away, however, it does not mean we cannot send a message to the world.
We want to invite you all to make a massive plantation of native trees. Who is in? @קק״ל are you into helping us?
The earth needs us! We don't want to feel powerless anymore: we want to act and also encourage more people to join this cause.

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