COVID, Vulnerable Prisoners, and YOU

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COVID-19 is moving through San Quentin State Prison like a wildfire! 

Currently, there are 539 incarcerated people and 71 staff who have been infected with the virus. San Quentin's North Block houses 773 prisoners in 414 cells, West Block houses 842 prisoners in 449 cells. Both housing units are at 188% capacity. 

We hold our GRIP students accountable for the crimes they have committed. Now we are calling on Governor Newsom and The California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation to take responsibility and to resolve the crisis in a humane way and be accountable. 

We ask for the release of vulnerable populations and GRIP Graduates. Vulnerable populations who are 59+ years old, who have compromised immune systems, or who are suffering other serious health predicaments. GRIP Graduates who have done their work, are rehabilitated and safe to return to their communities. 

Stand up to save lives by signing this petition and contact your representatives and the governors office: 

GRIP Training Institute/INSIGHT-OUT 
Jacques Verduin & Kim Moore, Founder and Executive Director