Boycott the power companies if they raise prices

Boycott the power companies if they raise prices

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Started by Julie Williams

The energy companies are hiking up prices to unaffordable levels whilst buying wholesale from themselves and making huge profits.

The regulator is not helping and the knock on impact is that inflation is rising as is the cost of food and basic living.

May 1 is a traditional day of protest.  I want all non-vulnerable people to agree to turn off all mains power on 1 May to show the companies that consumers have power. 

You can use your barbie, make a brew on your bonfire but turn off all gas and electric appliances for the whole day.

Charge your phones and laptops beforehand and read books or go for a walk.  The energy companies will lose millions and may realise that we are not pushover and we know their game.

Let's get this viral, get it on your Inst, Twitter, FB a d Tik Tok and any other social media.   Let's get it on prime time news with millions of shares and retweets.

We pay for wind turbines so where is our free electricity? 

Energy generating companies buy wholesale from other companies within their group so who is raising prices?  The same companies who are raising prices we have no protection so we have to take a stand as consumers otherwise they will continue to raise prices.


8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!