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YES to SURVIVAL skills...NO to abuse against our women & children..

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The 'status quo' has to CHANGE!
There is a spate of horrific crimes being perpetrated against women and children on a daily basis.

I don't believe the theory that 'this has been the situation for awhile now, that it's just a matter of all the media attention that people are talking about this topic.'

I haven't done a 'statistical analysis' of whether or not there has in fact been a spike in this type of crimes.
I don't need a collection of data to feel that EACH of these crimes are COMPLETELY WRONG!

I also don't believe that any movement can eradicate a millennia of oppression against women & children.

The object & the aim must be to educate women about
1.What are acceptable standards in a relationship...
2.What is Morally ,Ethically Acceptable treatment women need to accept from their husbands, boyfriends, partners ..

The very nature of these crimes are that it's perpetrated by a male that was well known to the victims..a husband, boyfriend,lover of the victim.
Women need to recognise the warning signs in these type of predators.
That's all these men are.. predators. Preying on a physically weaker creation.
Predators have a 'modus operandi ', or a method of operation, a type of behaviour pattern, certain character traits, tell-tale signs...
Women must be educated to recognise these things.
So we don't open the door into our lives, to our very destruction.

Women are the bedrock of society.We can't allow twisted predators to chip away at our very foundation.
NO to abuse against women & children.
YES to equipping our womenfolk with the necessary survival skills to cope in the JUNGLE out there...

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