Our Next Mayor Should Support Preservation For a Stronger NYC

Our Next Mayor Should Support Preservation For a Stronger NYC

March 26, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Preservation for NYC

We, the undersigned residents of the diverse communities of New York City, feel it is imperative that our next Mayor prioritize preserving and protecting our city’s history, its landmarks, and the character of our neighborhoods.  Historic preservation contributes immeasurably to what makes our city great — our shared and varied heritages, our distinct sense of place, and the livability of our communities.

Well-preserved neighborhoods, historic districts, and landmarks spur economic development, attract investment, tourists, and businesses, and provide affordable homes to thousands of New Yorkers.  Historic preservation supports the creation of new jobs and new housing — market-rate and affordable — through both new construction and adaptive reuse. Preservation provides a framework for managing change throughout the city’s designated resources. While sometimes wrongly dismissed as a tool to stop development, our city's historic districts continue to see change, growth, and demolition. The difference is that these areas have established processes in place to support context-sensitive development.

The next Mayor of New York has many pressing issues to tackle, from social justice and equity, to housing, jobs, infrastructure, and much more. Preservation will contribute to all these efforts, by celebrating untold histories, providing stable homes, and offering opportunities for investment. Our next Mayor can and must address our city’s critical needs while protecting our city’s history, its landmarks, and the character of its neighborhoods. Doing so will ensure a brighter future for all New Yorkers.   

Sign on to let our future mayor know you want to protect and preserve our city’s history — and please share this petition.

Member Organizations

  • Art Deco Society of New York
  • Ascendant Neighborhood Development
  • Carnegie Hill Neighbors
  • City Club of New York
  • CNU NYC — New York City Chapter, Congress for New Urbanism
  • Crown Heights South Association
  • Defenders of the Historic Upper East Side
  • East Village Community Coalition
  • Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts
  • Historic Districts Council
  • Landmark East Harlem
  • Landmark West!
  • Lower East Side Preservation Initiative
  • Municipal Art Society of New York
  • Murray Hill Neighborhood Association
  • New York Landmarks Conservancy
  • Park Slope Civic Council
  • Respect Brooklyn
  • Save Central Park NYC
  • Save Riverside: Upper Riverside Residents Alliance
  • Sunnyside Gardens Preservation Alliance
  • West End Preservation Society
  • Village Preservation

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Support now
Signatures: 5,458Next Goal: 7,500
Support now

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