My goal is to have school board policy makers hear us, to make real Anti-bullying policies

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As many people are aware, on October 7 a bullied 14 year in old in Hamilton was stabbed to death in front of his mother in front of his high school! This NEVER should have happened, this child should be alive and at school right now learning about the world and looking forward to a bright future, instead today is his funeral. 

People blame teachers and principals, but the reality is that it is the fault of a system that lacks real policy to deal with bullying properly. It is board policy makers, the chairs, trustees, and politicians who have to make and implement REAL policies. This "0 Tolerance" is just not working, it is not real. Kids are not just "being" kids when they are PURPOSELY hurting others, demeaning, belittling, and beating them up physically AND mentally. Bully parents constantly blame everyone else for why their "perfect" child would do something to someone....they refuse to accept the responsibility in any way. Bullies and their parents need REAL consequences. Suspensions are jokes, these days if a kid is suspended, they get taken to Wonderland for the day. 

Did you also know that in order for a child to be suspended, the paperwork takes 4 hours to fill out? Also, if a child is expelled (at least in Ontario), they can transfer to a new school with a CLEAN SLATE for a FRESH START....if the child is a ticking time bomb..and nobody knows, all kinds of stuff can happen and DOES happen all the time. 

Here is a bit of my own back story with bullying:

When I was a young child in grade 1, there was a grade 5 kid who kept coming from the Jr's side of the school to beat on me, spit on me, harassed me and called me all kinds of names. I went home with spit in my hair, covered in bruises and I hated school so much....nobody would help me....and one day I said "F* off" to this kid....and he went and told on me and I got in trouble....not ONCE did he get in trouble for beating on me, spitting on me or anything....I had kids constantly making fun of me because of what started with this awful kid....then another kid picked up where he left off, this kid threw rocks at me, spat on me too, poked me with sticks, beat me day, I was biking to the store to run an errand for my mom who had just given birth to my sister and he came out to where I was biking and started throwing rocks and yelling at me etc. I finally had enough, I got off my bike, ran over to him (as he was taunting me) and I socked him one in the left cheek ....he never came near me after that ....and when my parents split up and we moved, I was bullied even in my new school. I was so depressed, that I was contemplating suicide, and I am certain many who have committed suicide at young ages, it was likely because of bullying! We need real studies on this.

The reality is there is NO policy to deal with bullies/bullying...there is nothing in place to stop this from happening. Board policy makers, chairs etc need to stop focusing on the "latest fad" and ACTUALLY focus on the REAL ISSUES! Anti-bullying policies, and putting a new system in place, perhaps since in the Toronto District School Board has them, they should create new alternate schools. These alternate schools would be specifically for children who are bullies, who can not be in the regular school system. I know it will require a lot of planning and, BUT this is WHY we need to involve politicians...the ones who can help get that money. Given that the federal election is around the corner, we need to ask the candidates to speak on this topic!

Help get this petition going! Sign it and share it with everyone you know! Anyone who has been bullied, anyone who is the parent, friend or family of someone who has been bullied, stand with me to help make these changes. Change starts with us!