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Do not stop water conservation programs in California

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California has experienced drought not only for the past 5 years but many times over the last few hundred years. Both at the State and local level, great conservation programs that were build, educational and solution/technology, aimed to create awareness and help the community use water efficiently.

For the last few weeks, California has been drenched in water due to rain, but does this mean the drought is over?

NO, not fully, only to an extent!

Yes if the drought to you means having green grass and a river flowing. 

No, if we are looking to replenish our bone dry underground wells which accounts amount to 40-60% of the state water supply. No, if we are looking at cultivating again on millions of acres of land in the Central Valley which have been abandoned due to the dry wells. No, if you are looking to be prepared for the next drought cycle.

Taking a quote directly from an article on THE VERGE by Jay Famiglietti, a senior water scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, "Rain and snowfall are like income, and snow and water in our reservoirs and rivers are our checking account, but groundwater is more like a retirement account: it’s what the state depends on when income inevitably dries out."

The drought is far from over, support my petition to all water decision makers at the State and Local level to NOT STOP the on-going community conservation programs. 

To keep conserving, be mindful, be sustainable!

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