It’s Time for Starmer to Go – Nothing Rebecca Long Bailey said is Anti-Semitic

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It is clear that Rebecca Long Bailey Won't Be Reinstated

It's also clear that anti-Semitism wasn't the reason for her dismissal. Her opposition to an early return of schools and her desire not to confront the unions was the real reason.

It is unfortunate that RLB accepted the 10 Commandments ('Pledges') of the Board of Deputies which rendered anything the Board of Deputies said was 'antisemitic' and 'antisemitic trope'. In essence RLB signed her own death warrant.

It ill behoves Jon Lansman to say that what RLB retweeted was not anti-Semitic.  The whole point of the IHRA which he pushed through is that virtually anything that is critical of Israel can be categorised as anti-Semitic.

That is the beauty of the IHRA.  It is so vague and nebulous '“Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews'  even the best legal brains find it puzzling because of its deliberate uncertainty. Even the person who drafted it, Kenneth Stern has now all but disowned it because it has been used, in his words, to 'chill' free speech.

It is crystal clear that Starmer is no centrist.  For Lansman to complain that sacking RLB is not the way to unify the party shows, once again, a serious lack of understanding and judgement.  Starmer is not interested in unity of the party. What he wants is to show his admirers in the Tory press and people like George Osborne, that he will be the hammer of the Left.

In this situation the Left has to wake up and treat Starmer as an enemy, a representative of capital inside the Labour Party.  His record of hostility to benefit claimants, as DPP, he interpreted the law so as to enable sentences of up to 10 years for 'benefit cheats'. He opposed the prosecution of the police killers of Ian Tomlinson, allowed women victims of rape to be prosecuted if not guilty verdicts were reached and of course he was responsible for the persecution of Julian Assange.

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Tony Greenstein


Tony Greenstein
3 months ago