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CW Boogaart
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Subsidized AIRLINES hardly taxed using JETSTREAM since 1952 FOR PROFIT to save UNTAXED fuel, DESTROYING OZONELAYER now HALF since 1960, AND CAUSING WEATHER CHANGE (not climate change) since 1960, DOUBLING UVINDEX (now in corona time visible) WHICH causes sunburn and skincancer, TREATENS PHYTOPLANKTON and US.

YES CORONA was brought to us from CHINA and globalization aka intercontinental airtravel by jetstream.
Everyone can see we now have after LOCKDOWN of CORONA a DOUBLE UVINDEX meaning more sunburn – skin cancer we didn’t have in 1960…cause ozonelayer is HALVED.

Ocean phytoplankton and other marine plants produce an estimated 50 percent of the world's oxygen and annually sequester billions of tons of carbon and can't  survive with too much UV.

So do we have too little pollution, no not from farmers, they kept on farming, but of airliners, is the truth "thanks"  to CORONA now revealed ???

Of the damage caused by AIRLINERS using JETSTREAM ???

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