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Taking the Bahamas Back by Bahamians.

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This group main purpose is to empower and encourage Bahamians to stand as one for the good of this nation, to educate, to fix and to protest against all illegal immigration issues, illegal and undocumented activities that have been taking place for to long between the leaderships of this nation and various individuals in the business sectors from 1973 to current. Sufficient facts exist pointing to the lack of the political will and/or lack discipline to effectively secure this nations boarders and immigration laws for the good of all Bahamians, instead:

(1) Illegal immigration activities increasing and it appears the flood gates are open.

(2) How long will we allow the country enviroment to be infested with illegal shanty towns communcities. This is illegal like the numbers houses that were regularized against our wishes. Is Haitian flag day legal? Bahamian/Haitian expression infringed in the law.

(3) Immigration training upgrade and benefits is a must. If they are going to be serious upgrading with DRONES its not a new thing. We cannot afford any more mistakes and we need more proactive approaches. Sloops are been made every day for decades therefore, this indicates a possible black market exist between the two nations.

(4) Instead of harassing Bahamians, Amnesty International efforts would be best in Haiti where for decades political and industry corruption abused on the Haitian population continue even to date unabated. For example: the latest cases, Jean Charles matter/compensation and compensations requested for The Mud Pea burning communities. Are they serious? Who on the lookout for the hurting Bahamians ravished by the last hurricane in many of the Family Islands?

Bahamians have sat back for much to long allowing this situation to escalate. It is time we reached a point, a point where we refuse to sit back and allow this illegal menace to dominate and threaten our future and the future of future generations. We must stand and fight the good fight. We have given both political parties a simple mandate to nip this problem in the bud. It has been almost 50 years now and this situation is much worst than it has ever been, enough is enough.

This Group intends to repeal certain laws necessary to stop this on going vexing confusion.

(1) Laws are to be observed, respected and repeal.

(2) the baby anchor law/policy must repeal those anchor babies are having babies which burdens the Social Service and non existing National Insurance challenges. This no doubt places a huge burden on the hospital system (which continues to not monitor undocumented patients). This must change, collaboration is the NEW buzz word.

(3) A. Put pressure on the government/s and past the landowners, especially from landlords who have allowed the standard to diminish. B. Remove name from fake documentation (deportation for all such persons). C. Enforce laws that result to jail time and fines for corrupt workers or and or business employing illegals within their establishment/s or harboring illegals on their premises.

(4) Laws are enforced on individuals within the department of immigration and other public and private services agencies that are found in abuse of the laws of the Bahamas. And where individuals are found in complicit of the laws of immigration, or are involved in such illegal practices and the processing of illegals, that such individuals (regardless to status) are sentenced, fined and/or impeached. It is obvious that the exercises of changing government through the electoral process have done very little (if anything at all) to rectify or lessen our immigration challenges.

For much to long we just sat back and allow this system to be one big mix up melting pot of emotions.

Our country ecomony is in a deficit and too long again this immigration system has been a black market for generations (another low level income bleeding our country’s already broken system).

Bahamians we cannot sit, watch and wait for answers for another 40 years and leave this fight for our kids. Or we can get up and get this done in our time. If its not broken then we have no concerns and all is well and it's really a BETTER IN THE BAHAMAS. No doubt it is Better in the Bahamas for some but exactly who is becoming very obvious.

Illegal migration will continue to be a burden for the Bahamas and the Bahamian people. It is time that the Haiti countriy citizens take the responsibility cost to accommodate and to repatriate their citizens. How can the Bahamian citizens sustain this burden alone, if bother governments are responsible for this they are wrong and Its outrageous.  The millions to date should have been used for Bahamian poverty by building a Transformative city for the broken.

Here are the numbers:

The Facts:

January to December 2012, some 3,134 people were repatriated

Haitian Nationals:    2,496
Other Nationals:         638
Total                        3,134

In 2013, there were  3,868 illegal migrants repatriated:
Haitian Nationals:     3,033
Jamaican Nationals:    300
Cubans:                       157
Dominicans:                  49
Other Nationals:          329
Total:                         3,868

In the period January to December 2014, some  4,200 people were repatriated

In the last five years, the government has spent some $7.2 million repatriating persons who have landed here illegally. Can we continue on this track? IF THIS WAS THE COST IN FIVE YEARS back in 2013 what is it costing us between 2014 to 2018? The Bahamas have done this for more than 40 years you do the math. 

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