Shut Down All B​.​C Schools Due To Covid-19

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There are too many covid cases here in BC and yet all schools are still open meanwhile the school boards wonder why the Covid cases are drastically rising. The schools don't have to be shut down all year but just until the cases start decreasing by a lot and then they can rethink about opening them back up. For right now though the cases are way too high to have schools open, currently "at least 41% of schools in B.C's lower mainland have had Covid-19 exposures this year" says CTV News Vancouver. "Over 600 new cases, 40 schools with exposures, and more" says The Georgia Straight. For starters, R.E Mountain Secondary has had its 7th and 3rd exposure that week exposure as of December 2nd, 2020. If all districts in B.C close the cases will decrease and will help out the province a lot by having everyone go back to online school for a bit and quarantine until the cases go down and so it is safer for everyone.