2 years since Vale's tailings dam rupture in Brumadinho/Brazil - We demand justice!

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IT IS UNACCEPTABLE AND SHAMEFUL that after 2 years he 15 people charged with homicide have not been convicted and jailed for the MURDER of 272 human beings (including 2 unborn babies inside their mothers, who were 5 months pregnant) and for the serious impacts on and violations to the environment as well as to the people along the Paraopeba River. 11 people who were “treasures'' to their families and friends, have still not been found.

WE DENOUNCE THE AUTHORITIES of the three branches of government (executive, judiciary and legislative) and the judicial officials in public institutions that have not guaranteed that Vale fairly compensate the affected people and restore what they destroyed on January 25, 2019,  who treat Vale like a competent company, that sign agreements that violate human and environmental rights and that issue new environmental permits and water concessions to a criminal company that spends billions on publicity on TV, the radio and in newspapers in order to spread lies. 

VALE AND TUVSUD COMMITTED A SEVERE AND CRUEL CRIME, but there were many more responsible parties on the municipal, state and federal levels, like the government officials, institutions, specialists from a number of fields (including scientists) and consultants who design (and carry out) the whole system for profits.  WE WANT ALL THOSE INVOLVED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

VALE KNEW THE RISK OF THE TAILINGS DAM and even designed materials that predicted the number of deaths and the amount of money that they would spend on each person, not only for the dam that broke in 2019 but for another 9 “high risk” dams.  They hid the fact that they collaborated with TuvSud to create a false dam stability certification and with the State to receive environmental licenses, at an accelerated pace, for continued operations at the Feijão/Jangada complex, which they obtained about one month before the collapse.  But ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WAS DONE TO PROTECT THEIR WORKERS AND THE COMMUNITIES below the dam.


The CRIMES HAVE CONTINUED FOR 2 YEARS because Vale and its allies continue to violate rights, neglect their obligations, threaten, cause suffering and refuse to provide appropriate compensation to people and the environment in Brumadinho and along the trail of tailings left by their irresponsible mining activities at Córrego do Feijão/Jangada, a mine which communities have complainted about for over 10 years.  So many other communities are suffering at the hands of this very company, like Barão de Cocais, Ouro Preto, Mariana, Catas Altas, Itabirito, Nova Lima and Itabira, as well as the whole Rio Doce Basin, who have been waiting for reparations for 5 years from the collapse of the Fundão tailings dam on November 5, 2015, owned by Samarco, Vale and BHP Billiton.

On December 18, 2020, Vale killed another worker who was buried under a landslide, this time in the mine pit at Córrego do Feijão, where the tailings from the 2019 collapse are being placed. In light of all of the impacts and violations and Vale’s criminal stance, WE SAY NO TO RESUMED ACTIVITIES AND WE WANT the Córrego do Feijão mine CLOSED because it puts the land and the lives of the people in the area that survived at risk.  Also, THE RIGHTS OF VALE’S WORKERS MUST BE GUARANTEED.


January 25, 2021 marks 2 years since Vale 's crime in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  A crime that remains in impunity and, for that reason, we can never be silent.  The Brown January campaign began in 2020, created by Guto partnership with the Movement for Mountains and Water of Minas Gerais (MovSaM), and endorsed by 56 national and international organizations, movements and collectives.