Use of money spent on fireworks to support our drought affected country

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A petition to our government on banning the spending of tax dollars for fireworks.

Please join me in signing the petition so we, as a collective can put our case forward to to help save our dying country and way of life.

Dear Mr Prime Minister

For so long now, many Australians have felt it right and just to abandon the senseless expense and use of fireworks at celebrations like New Years. Surely, we as a Country can continue to celebrate and enjoy such occasions without the fireworks?  It is literally burning our money for 10 minutes of entertainment that is detrimental to our environment and ecosystems and traumatic for animals and let’s not forget our veterans who with loud bang are reminded of their war time.

Please, consider the cost of millions of dollars in the fireworks and allocate this to our dry and suffering land and all of those affected by its suffering.