Sack Lehmann

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The Australian cricket team has embarrassed us, as a country and fans. CA is trying to sweep Lehmanns obvious involvement under the rug to support their own agenda, but we as Australians will not accept that. We've all seen the footage, the walkies, the instructions to hide the evidence, it's clear he was involved. In the slim chance he did not know, he deserves to go purely for trying to cover up the cheating when he saw it, and losing control of the dressing room. We all know that isn't the case, he knew, and he was a part of it. CA wants Warner to take the hit, but all those responsible need to go as we clean up Australian cricket culture. 

Its our duty as Australians to make sure those in charge respect this prestigious position as leader of the Australian cricket team, and maintain the morals, values and standards we expect as a team and a country. 

Please sign and share, CA needs to accept the response they provided is not acceptable and we demand more