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Pauline Hanson permanently removed and banned from Australian parliament.

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Do you like racism? If you saw someone being racially abused in your neighbourhood, would you stop and help? Of course you would, anyone would. But what if the abuser was spouting mindless hate on a national scale? What if the person being abused was millions of hard working, law abiding Australians? What if everyone just let it happen? Pauline Hanson has officially gone too far. Her extreme intolerance for people of different faiths and beliefs in Australia is heartbreaking. Enough is enough. SHARE this petition with friends, family, neighbours or anyone who can no longer sit and listen to Senator Hanson's outrageous insensitivity. Pauline Hanson should not hold, and should never again be allowed to hold a position in Australian Parliament.  

George Brandis slams Pauline Hanson for wearing a burka to Question Time in the Senate
Credit ABC News (Australia), 2017.

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