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We challenge you to live for a fortnight on the dole

Single unemployment benefit with full rent assistance is currently $604.80 per fortnight.

If you are in a major city and sharing accommodation with two other housemates, there's half of your income gone already.  Add in a share of electricity, water and probably gas just to keep the house going.

You'll need a phone to be contactable by potential employers and to ring them.  You'll also need internet and a PC, as job applications are mostly electronic these days, or if not, you'll be needing to print up applications and pay postage and stationery.

Then you need to add in fares to get to all those job interviews you've managed to line up.  You can probably forget about owning a car, as fuel, parking, maintaining it and registering it is going to be pretty tricky.

You'll need to clothe yourself at a reasonable level for an interview, and keep yourself shiny and fresh.

Then you need to eat.  

Politicians make all sorts of statements about pensions without understanding the hardships of those having to rely on them.

We challenge all politicians to take up the challenge.  One fortnight on the dole.  Or if that's a bit much, one fortnight on Age or Disability Support Pension, which is $988.60 per fortnight including full rent assistance.

Go on, try it.  You know you want to.

You'll then have much more authority when you next speak on the matter in or out of parliament.


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