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All Australian Politicians: Asylum Seekers are Not Illegals!

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Please stop labelling and punishing the vulnerable people who make it to our shores.

What's In a Name?

On the Oct 3rd 2013, more than 300 people drowned off the coast of Italy. They were described as African Migrants who were being transported to Italy by people smugglers.

The Italian Government responded with a day of national mourning, and instruction to their navy to extend their patrols to enable them to intersect and rescue people from risky situations and transfer them safely to Italian shores.

The Current Message from Australian Politicians is, "Don't Try. You Won’t Get In."

In Australia, faced with a similar impact of rising numbers of desperate people making dangerous journeys in the hope of finding a safe place to live, most mainstream politicians have chosen to tackle the problem by treating the few people who manage to get to Australian shores as criminals who must be detained.

The “Stop the Boats” mantra has already successfully labelled all the individuals on the boats as “Boat People” and now, “Illegals”, who are no longer individuals with unique life stories.

- Is this how you want your government to treat vulnerable people?

- Do you believe that all asylum seekers should be locked up?

- Would you treat people asking for your help in this way?

- Do you want people smuggling to be stopped without denying asylum seekers their basic human rights?

 If politicians are not representing your feelings on the treatment of asylum seekers, I urge you to sign this petition. 

We may not agree on how the asylum issue can be resolved, but surely we can agree that labelling and punishing the vulnerable people who are asking for help, is not the way Australians treat people in need. By signing, you stand with others, and collectively we can ask all politicians to declare where they stand.

You can play a significant part in ensuring the decision makers have a better understanding of what people are thinking, and encourage them to enter an informed conversation with us on how to respond to the humanitarian issue of aslyum seekers.

You Can Help. Please sign up and share it with your friends and family.

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