Request for equal treatment of Advanced Placement Test in China

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This petition is concerning the matter of Advanced Placement examinations taking place in the summer of 2020 internationally. As the College Board have announced that students around the world would take AP exam at home, it is only fair to provide the Chinese students with the same opportunities. 

As a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, our Chinese students have been disproportionately affected in comparison to those in the United States .Consequently, students sitting for AP exams internationally have been given an unfair disadvantage in the face of all other international candidates sitting for said exams, as certain schools around the world have been required to shut. As a result of the school closure, students face the possibility of not completing the course material prior to sitting our exams in May/June.  

I think it is very important to note that as an international community, we have suffered a lot from the outbreak of COVID-19. It would be unfair to force only Chines AP students to have a different test policy under the current consensus, which has most students around the world taking AP exam at home for 45 min with only free response questions.

Chinese students who take AP exam have definitely suffered extensively due to the COVID-19 outbreak and as students we are attempting to appeal to the exam boards to receive a globally unified exam policy as a consequence of the possibility that we may not go back to school again this year, and that schools have already been closed for the last two months which has resulted in us missing out on vital teaching to finish the course before sitting the exams. 

I hope you will consider how anxiety provoking this current predicament is and make a decision in fairness and respect to the students sitting the exams.