We The People Demand All Politicians Give Up Their Pay Until The Lock Down Ends!

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We The People are now subject to unreasonable and disproportionate lock downs due to the Covid-19 plandemic.  We do not feel we are being represented or recognized by our so called elected REPRESENTATIVES.  This includes Mayors, Governors, House Of Representatives and Senators.  To this end we feel a sharing of burden is required to proportionately impact those not hurt by the blunt force tyranny the lock downs have forced onto We The People against our will.  This burden share must come in the way of Government payroll elimination to help offset the massive level of spending authorized to fight the 'invisible' and misreported threat caused by Covid-19.  These reductions must be proportionate and never be re-paid so that our Elected REPRESENTATIVES better understand the hardships they have placed on We The People.  We are asking for no less than one month of back pay to be refunded and all pay moving forward halted until we are no longer locked down for a period of no less than 2 months.  We The People feel this is a fair burden to share so that you again understand and feel the pain of your people.  NO REPAYMENT EFFORTS CAN BE INITIATED.  This is OUR WILL and we expect it to be carried out immediately and announced by the President Trump immediately.