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All Americans: Help Us #SaveThanksgiving

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Our number one goal is to remind people what Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about and take back the holiday, returning it to the proud tradition of spending time with friends and family.

The fourth Thursday of every November in the US should be celebrated as it was meant to be - as a day to give thanks for all of your respected blessings from the past year, no matter what religion, race, etc. you may be.  It is a day for family, fun, and relaxation.  It is NOT supposed  to be a day for running out of the house to go shopping and leaving your family … we do that enough these days, don’t we?  Do we really need an eight hour start on our Christmas / Hanukkah shopping?  Can we just enjoy one day without endless distractions and having to run around one hundred miles a minute?

Today: is counting on you needs your help with “All Americans: Help Us #SaveThanksgiving”. Join and 31 supporters today.