Decentralize the United States

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Americans today are bitterly divided by political affiliation, ideology, social values, and more. These divisions wouldn't matter if people of good will adopted a "live and let live" philosophy toward one another.

However, the presence of a powerful central government reaching into every aspect of life makes such peaceful coexistence nearly impossible. Even the most benevolent-minded are drawn into battle with their (declared or perceived) enemies to seize the power of a Leviathan state, in order to "do to others before they do to me."

We call upon Americans to begin serious discussions and to take action toward radically decentralizing the U.S. government. Preferably, this would take the form of devolving power to the local level. Ideally, it would involve replacing coercive political government (at all levels) with self-government by individuals living in voluntary association with one another.

As a part of any movement to decentralize power, the complete dismantling of the U.S. central government, carried out as peacefully as possible, should be always on the table — whether achievable in the near term or not.

Americans need not continue to be at one another's throats. Dispersal of the power currently vested in the U.S. government is the most important step we could take now toward ending the conflict.