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Why Are We Footing the Bill for Protecting Trump at Mar-A-Lago and Melania at Trump Tower?

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Petition to the U.S. Legislature


UNITED STATES TAXPAYERS- We have an issue that is plaguing all taxpayers.  Since the residence at the White House was built, no sitting President or his spouse has chosen not to reside there. Since Camp David was built, no sitting President has chosen never to use it as a place of rest and respite. Regardless of WHO is President, be it Republican or Democrat; man or woman; regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation, the issue affects every single taxpayer.

I propose a Petition to the U.S. Legislature, the purpose of which is to enact legislation declaring 1) the White House the officially designated place of residence of the President of the United States and the First Family, and 2) Camp David to be the officially designated place of respite for the President and the First Family.

Legislation SHOULD require that any and ALL expenses appurtenant to the choice by the President and/or the First Family to reside at any location other than the White House or to take respite at any location other than Camp David, to be at the personal expense of the President and/or the First Family RATHER than at the expense of the American Taxpayer.

TAXPAYERS have paid and continue to pay exorbitant amounts of money to house and protect the President and the First Family.  The expenses appurtenant to the choice by the President and/or the members of the First Family not to reside in the White House and/or not to take respite primarily at Camp David is an exorbitant burden on every single one of us! Why should we pay for that? Any of us would consider ourselves incredibly privileged to live in the White House, and equally privileged to vacation at Camp David.  They are incredible places which have been used and appreciated by every sitting President since they were built.  THIS IS NOT TO SUGGEST THAT WE LEGISLATE that every President and First Family member live at the White House and vacation at Camp David; but why should we, the taxpayers (and the de facto employers of the President), have to pay for the enormous financial burden upon city services, local police, extra Secret Service details, air and ground traffic control, and all of the other costs that come with the President's choice NOT to use these accommodations?  The White House and Camp David have always been used for good reason.  They are both strategically located and fully equipped with technological, medical and emergency communications equipment in case of a national emergency or a personal emergency. The way I see it, this legislation, were it already in effect, would have saved the U.S. TAXPAYERS over THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS SINCE JANUARY 20th alone! Our current President has made this an issue and we have no reason to expect, since the precedent has now been set, that future Presidents won't follow suit.  Are we expected to foot the bill for this and every future President ad inifinitum??   WHY SHOULD WE?? ALL U.S. TAXPAYERS should say "NO" and sign this Petition.

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